Home Office: Quick Tips to Stay Comfy While Working

by Jodie Franklin 11/21/2021

Working from home is the new norm and the home office won’t be ignored. From setting up efficient areas to store your working documents and tools to opening the space so you don’t feel cramped during a tight deadline, here are a few home office design ideas to keep your mind and body limber.

Keep Furniture Simple

Many of us have the notion that our home offices need to be stacked with the same furniture and storage needs as our old brick and mortar offices. But you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that isn’t the case. Your home office can have the bare essentials: desk, chair, small filing cabinet and some sort of light fixture.

By keeping your home office limited to the essentials, you can avoid the random clutter that often piles up when there’s the space for it. You’ll also have more room to stretch your legs throughout the day with limited furniture to hinder your movement.

Preserve Your Lighting

If possible, set your office up with natural lighting in mind. If you can’t find a place near a window to give off that natural hue, or a room that’s window adjacent, consider using LED bulbs. Bulbs around 4000K can provide a soft, almost daylight-like glow that gives enough light to support your eyes without being harsh.

However, as with any prolonged exposure to screens and artificial light, experts recommend taking a break and looking at something more “natural,” such as a tree in your yard or taking a stroll around the block to see what new outdoor decor your neighbors may have garnished the neighborhood with.

Remember the Contours

While working from home, it’s important to remember that your body is probably going to be stationary for most of the day. Introduce ergonomic additions. Ergonomic additions can be something as simple as a chair with an extra bit of curve along the lower lumbar to provide support. You could also set up a few buoyant fixtures like yoga blocks, stability balls or under-desk ergonomic footrests. If you’re looking for a bigger ticket item to help keep from sitting all day, standing desks and convertible desks (those you can stand or sit at) have come a long way.

These are just a few ways to get the most out of your home office while keeping the space sleek and clutter-free. Other ways to open up the space include decor, paint options and setting up in a corner of an open room.

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